Training and supporting social entrepreneurs to build  scalable businesses for impact across the globe.
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Our Mission

What our work looks like...

Hire and Train
We recruit and provide training for social entrepreneurs all around the globe.
Provide Business Modeling
We provide business modeling for VR Enterprises that staff these entrepreneurs abroad.
Build for Impact
We support these new businesses with thought leadership to be of impact in their markets.
Today there are twenty million virtual reality users. People around the world are spending time together, playing games together, and learning together in this parallel digital universe.
About us

We exist...

to train and support local social entrepreneurs to build scalable enterprises for impact. We see Virtual Reality as a medium for connection, friendship, and learning, and want to integrate this technology to help shape the way we build impactful businesses.

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We are...

a team of VR engineers and compassionate business people looking to serve disadvantaged social entrepreneurs in the most difficult corners of the globe.

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Our conviction

Why VR?

It’s the future of human connection.
VR gives users a sense of “presence” making it feel like you’re truly interacting face-to-face with a person on the opposite side of the globe.
Immersive experiences provide the most impactful remote interactions.
Whether it is work, play, learning, or socializing, VR is quickly becoming the most powerful tool for remote human interaction.
VR is completely safe and private.
Even though it’s impossible to travel due to Covid-19, VR makes it safe and easy to meet with others from anywhere in the world.
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